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Polybutylene Plumbing Replacement

Polybutylene Plumbing is a gray plastic pipe with plastic or metal scalings. In the 1970s when the piping system was developed, it was seen as the “pipe of the future”. The appeal of the plastic piping was in its ease of installation and low cost, but over time the evident shortfalls of this piping system became apparent as consumers of this type of piping began to report leaks. It became clear that Polybutylene piping was a bit problematic and its symptoms were diagnosed as follows:

  • Polybutylene plumbing was prone to leakage on the joints
  • The plastic material becomes scaly and flaky, and brittle over
  • Due to the flaking and brittleness that results over time, the overall structural form of the pipes become compromised

Consumers who experienced problems with their Polybutylene piping reported damage done to their property and possessions. Due to these issues, sales of the Polybutylene piping systems were dismantled in the US and many consumers began to change their plastic pipes back to the traditional copper. It is also believed that even if a consumer’s Polybutylene piping has not leaked yet, it eventually will, and therefore it is in the consumer’s best interest to replace those pipes in order to avoid future problems

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