Don’t Flush the Ducky

Clogged toilets are not a rarity in the plumbing business. Most calls are not surprising and easily fixable. One call in particular, though, proved to be more than just a routine backup.

Elbow deep in unknown substances from beneath the surface of the toilet, our plumber needed to remove the toilet to find the cause of the problem. After removing the entire toilet, he made a startling discovery. Hidden inside the U-bend of the toilet in question were some interesting items.

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The customers’ four-year-old had been discovering the mysteries of how things disappear when the lever is pulled. After a few scraps of toilet paper the curious child moved on to small toys, and eventually a watch. By the end of playtime, the toilet was clogged and the parents were completely unaware of what had happened.

Luckily, we could find the problem and unclog the toilet fairly easily. Maybe potty training should include a “do’s and don’ts” lesson for flushing.


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